Q1. Is your product FPO approved ?

A1. FPO has ceased to exist and Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the supreme Licencing Authority for Food Business and IPSO Foods has a Central Licence from FSSAI.

Q2. What is RARA® ? Why the name RARA® ? 

A2. RARA® is a Registered Carbonated Beverage manufactured by IPSO FOODS PVT LTD.   " RARA" in Spanish means "RARE". That is the drink was going to be RARA® because of its rare taste.

Q3. What is Salty? Is it a New Cola?

A3. RARA® Salty is premium quality carbonated Sweet-Salty-Jeera Appetizer. Salty is a low in calorie, and high in fizz drink which is totally new taste for Indian market.

Q4. What is RARA® Ginger Burst? What are the benefits of Ginger?

A4. RARA® Ginger Burst is the only carbonated soft drink which gives the real mouthful taste of ginger and is also a cold fizzy drink launched in indian market keeping in mind the indian youth. RARA® Ginger Burst forms an excellent mixture with Vodka / Whisky !!!

Q5.What is RARA® Pineapple fizz?

A5. RARA® Pineapple Fizz is a mesmerizing drink with real taste of pineapple and is the first love of youth and children.

Q6. What motivation and strength do you posses to compete with multi national brands ?

A6. For the question of competition there is at the back of mind a comparison. Yes today RARA® being a Carbonated Beverage may be compared with other brands, but the comparison is shortlived, because RARA® is no copy/replica product and hence has no competition.  With the new, distinctive, superior and ethnic indian taste that RARA® has, it is going to command its own consumer base in the market.